• Our online shop awaits you

    Our online shop awaits you

    This post is dedicate to our Italian and foreign customers who do not happen to live close to one of our authorized dealers around the world and often ask us how they can buy our gloves.

    To meet this specific demand we have created a dedicates online shop on our website. Here you can browse three different sections where you can purchase your gloves: women’s gloves, men’s gloves and driving gloves.

    To visit the men’s section please click here

    Women’s gloves are shown here

    If you are looking for driving gloves you can find them here.

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  • Elegant and comfortable gloves: article 50

    When we create a new glove elegance is a must and so is wearability. These are the building blocks we had in mind when we conceived article 50. These gloves are made of suede leather and is lined with blue rex rabbit fur and feature extraordinary characteristics. Available in turtle/blue or brown/blue, article 50 features blue bindings and create very a special and colourful contrast. These gloves are perfect for any time of the day and become an essential accessory to fight the cold and humid winter weather.

    To discover all the characteristics of article 50, please click here.

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  • Fight wintry temperatures with article 250

    Low temperatures are winter’s number one enemy. At Restelli Gloves we know this well; over the years we have studied all the techniques needed to make your gloves a stronghold against cold air and humidity. Our article 250 fully satisfies those who want to put on their gloves in an easy and quick fashion.

    The elastic band on the both sides of the wrist guarantees comfort and grip: the 100% cashmere lining provides warmth and softness.

    This article is characterized by the presence of three cords on the back of the hand. It is a very elegant glove dedicated to those who cannot stand the cold and demand comfort and a pleasant temperature when wearing gloves.

    Available in blue with sand lining, brown with grey lining, black with beige lining.


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  • temporary shop 2018

    Our Temporary Shop is open

    To us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s when our Temporary Shop opens up downtown Milano. This is going to happen pretty soon. Starting November 2, we will be delighted to meet new and old customers at our brand new Via Manzoni 19 premises.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Feel free to email us any question here

    Opening times:

    November: Monday 14:30-19:30; Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30-14:30, 15:30-19.30

    December: open every day 10:30-14:30, 15:30-19.30

    January: Monday 14:30-19:30; Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30-14:30, 15:30-19.30

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  • collection 2019

    Our 2019 Womens’ Collection

    Every year we like to share what inspired us when creating our new collections. When we started drawing this winter’s collection we decided the the mantra had to be fine craftmanship. 

    The amount of work and the efforts we put in while managing small and precious details were meticulous and this requested a lot of time and patience. 

    The final outcome gave us a lot of satisfaction: when we showcased the collection at most fairs and particularly at Pitti it yielded a lot of interest and enthusiasm among our resellers who praised every single glove. We strongly believe that our customers will enjoy it as well. 

    The points of strength of our 18/19 collection are to be found in its production techniques, now more prestigious and precious than ever: leather weaves, quiltings, insertion of thin chains, patchworks, embroideries and fur hems are just some of the characteristics or our new creations. 

    Special care was given to accessories like wristbands, ruthenium buckles, hand made tassels and leather chords. 

    A wide use of blanket stitching completes the picture of a very fine work which takes time and precision. 

    These precious techniques are matched with a selection of fine and prestigious leather, the distinctive tract of our company since 1920. 

    Discover our womens’ collection here

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  • mittens

    Customers’ pictures are our delight!

    Customers’ pictures are our delight!

    You already know it and we say this all the time: we are extremely happy and flattered when we read our customers’ emails. We get them from all over the world and they often include snapshots of wonderful moments lived along with our gloves.

    This picture was sent to us by Sara and came along with the following message: “I am sending you a picture of mine that was taken last February on the Aosta valley’s slopes where I defeated the cold weather thanks to your super furry and warm mittens!” Dear Sara, thank you for sending your picture; we hereby take the opportunity to wish you another great snowy season!

    For our skiing gloves collection please click here.

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  • Labels matter

    Labels tell a lot about us.

    To us, the quality of our materials is crucial. This is the reason why we attend a lot of international fairs and often visit with our leather and wool suppliers all around the world. 

    We are never tired of these tasks we because we want to provide our customers with the best gloves we can produce. 

    Our quest for fine materials is a task we run continuously and this is why we always take all the time we need to evaluate, test and choose the right solutions. 

    The best part of it? It is when during the summer we reach for glaciers to test the new season’s ski gloves. It’s true: it is a tough job but someone has to do it! 

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  • October is here: stay warm!

    The advent of October is the time when the cold weather rolls in and snow begins to cover the top of the mountains. 

    It is also the best time to choose the best pair of gloves which we shall be wearing during the winter and today we want to focus on a very special glove: article 9. 

    It is a glove made of 2/28000 cashmere wool; a 2-ply multiple yarn, which is likely the best you can desire to feel warm during the cold season. The cardigan stitched pattern along with leathered hems create a uniquely elegant glove; its stockinette lining provides a pleasant embracing feeling. Where can one buy it? You can find article 9 at any of Restelli Gloves authorized dealers or come meet us in Milano at our Via Manzoni 19 Temporary Shop (opens November 1st).

    Discover the beauty of Article 9 here. 

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  • via manzoni temporary shop

    Our Via Manzoni Temporary Shop is coming!

    Our Temporary Shop is taking shape and we can finally announce that come November we will open it on Via Manzoni, in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.

    Once again we will come back to you with a shop that will feature our newest men’s and women’s fashion gloves along with our ski gloves collection.

    We are going to come back to you with more information pretty soon but we wanted to show you that we are working hard to make our Temporary Shop elegant and welcoming as we have gotten you used over the years. Here are the first pictures we have taken: we have just finished painting the walls and it is now time  for electricians and woodworkers to set up the furniture and the lights. All in all as you can see we never stop, we always want to improve and we do it with you in our minds.

    See you soon on Via Manzoni!

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  • The cold season is approaching: it is time for our Temporary Shop!

    Our summers are moments during which we take time to slow our pace and recharge our batteries put to the test by the winter season. Before our holidays we went full monty and and worked hard until the end of July to make our dream come true: the chance to meet all of our customers at our Temporary Shop in the center of Milan. 

    Every year we search for finer venues and fancier spaces to showcase our collections in an exclusive and elegant space located in the heart of Milan’s fashion district. We are going to come back with more information very soon but the featured image here gives a big hint.

    Welcome back from your holidays and see you soon!  

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