Temporary Store

 Opening times:

Monday 14:30-19:30; Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30-14:30, 15:30-19.30

Open until January 31

Our Restelli Temporary Shop is back in town!

Once again as the cold season approaches so does our Temporary Shop pop up in Milan’s fashion district. This year our Temporary Shop can be found in Milan, Via Manzoni 19, starting November 2. The shop will feature our new men’s and  women’s collection along with our ski gloves collection.

Our shop features early 20th century decorations you are going to love and an olive tree wooden floor adding coziness, elegance and warmth. The atmosphere is endowed with a fancy crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

 “We are back in the city’s District fashion; opening our temporary shop means following the direction we chose some years ago which enables us to meet our clients to better understand their needs so that we can satisfy them” says Raffaella Restelli, the company owner “For the new season we have created a collection which was conceived to answer our public’s requests to create comfortable, warm and elegant gloves which will make you look perfect at any time of the day”.

New things but old traditions are coming back to the Temporary Shop: the made on measure service is once again available! Come in and choose a model, select a color among those available, add your initials and personalize your gloves with our charms to make them really unique!

Our Via Manzoni 19 Temporary shop becomes a place where you can rediscover the excellence of our century-old artisanal production renowned in Italy and abroad and recognized as a synonym for elegance and luxury.