Our 2019 Womens’ Collection

Our 2019 Womens’ Collection
26 October 2018 Redazione Restelli Guanti
collection 2019

Every year we like to share what inspired us when creating our new collections. When we started drawing this winter’s collection we decided the the mantra had to be fine craftmanship. 

The amount of work and the efforts we put in while managing small and precious details were meticulous and this requested a lot of time and patience. 

The final outcome gave us a lot of satisfaction: when we showcased the collection at most fairs and particularly at Pitti it yielded a lot of interest and enthusiasm among our resellers who praised every single glove. We strongly believe that our customers will enjoy it as well. 

The points of strength of our 18/19 collection are to be found in its production techniques, now more prestigious and precious than ever: leather weaves, quiltings, insertion of thin chains, patchworks, embroideries and fur hems are just some of the characteristics or our new creations. 

Special care was given to accessories like wristbands, ruthenium buckles, hand made tassels and leather chords. 

A wide use of blanket stitching completes the picture of a very fine work which takes time and precision. 

These precious techniques are matched with a selection of fine and prestigious leather, the distinctive tract of our company since 1920. 

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