Article 122: the beauty

Article 122: the beauty
22 December 2019 Redazione Restelli Guanti
art 122

Beauty is always at the center of our thoughts when we create new gloves.

When we began working on article 122 we had clear in mind that we wanted to frame a very elegant glove that would look very special, but we did not yet have a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve. We knew it had to be opulent, soft and extraordinarily warm. We started with suede leather and decided that colors would include blue, grey, brown and dove grey.

The we decided to endow it with 100% cashmere lining and fur insertions in correspondence of the wrists. We were almost half way through because we still had to decide which workings were to be added: we opted for a chord on the back and hand puncturing. Artisanal details that have been our signature trait of our brand since 1920.  Enjoy the approaching cold season!

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