The eclectic gloves: article 23

The eclectic gloves: article 23
15 May 2019 Redazione Restelli Guanti

Article 23 is a pair of women’s fashion gloves made in ultra soft nappa leather with external hand sewing techniques. These gloves are the emblem of how high skilled our artisans are: endowed with hand-tapped leather hems, article 23 is a unique and elegant accessory. 

A slit near in correspondence with the wrist makes wearing them easy, so that one can put them on and off at any time; a single cord is featured on the back of the hand adds to comfort and wearability. When creating these gloves we decided to create them in a wide range of colours in order to satisfy customers who expect to match their accessories easily: available colours are cherry, jeans, blu, sepia, black and brown. 

Conceived for a contemporary woman seeking that perfect look that is great for every moment of her days, article 23 is an eclectic accessory you can’t do without. 

Discover article 23 here.