Coat gloves: the elegance of peccary

Coat gloves: the elegance of peccary
29 March 2017 Redazione Restelli Guanti
Coat Gloves

Selecting the right coat gloves always represents an important moment when a man determines and perfects his style.

At Restelli Gloves we know how important it is for you to find elegant, comfortable and practical solutions for your mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Our peccary leather gloves are surely our signature gloves: acknowledged  around the world, they are particularly praised in Europe, Japan and North America. They are the best coat gloves you can find.

Whether cashmere lined or silk lined, article 48 is a hand-sewn glove which guarantees fantastic fitting and comfort; it is the perfect coat glove. The mother of pearl button adds further elegance and. Available colors: Gold, Havana, Blue, Brown.

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