Driving gloves: super classic and women’s models

Driving gloves: super classic and women’s models
31 May 2018 Redazione Restelli Guanti
driving gloves

As the summer gets closer and days become hotter days on the wheel become more and more demanding. 

Restelli Gloves has created a whole line of driving gloves whose aim is to make driving safer, more comfortable and impeccable. For those in love with classic styles we have created article 28p, a heavy-duty long-fingered peccary leather glove; fully hand-stitched, article 28p is a glove we are very proud of.


We have also developed a line of gloves intended to satisfy women: Article 30 is the perfect solution for women searching for a driving glove they can use while walking in their city.



Made with super light full grain nappa leather, article 30 is an unlined glove which increases its elegance. Available in many different colours, article 30 is the perfect choice for a fashionable summer. 


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