Gloves that are meant to last over the years

Gloves that are meant to last over the years
20 December 2016 Redazione Restelli Guanti

It’s the time of the year when our most loyal customers pay us a visit either at our laboratory or at our Temporary shop. Last year a customer turned up with a 15-year-old pair of gloves; he said he was very proud of having worn them on the slopes and while on his motorcycle.

We thought he had set some sort of a record, but it is not so. Yesterday Mr. Giovanni, another customer of ours sent us a picture of his peccary gloves he’s been wearing for 30 years!

To the members of our family that has been making gloves for almost 100 years it felt like re-becoming  a baby girl, a young mother or a busy dad.

Mr. Giovanni, thank you and Merry Christmas from the Restelli family.