Present for him – Pisces

The perfect gift for Pisces men

Does he behave like a 5-year-old child one day, the other like a 50-year-old adult? He can only be a Pisces man. Sometimes unable to determine if something really happened or if they only dreamed of it, Pisces men are great dreamers and romantic. They have no limits and are probably the most imaginative sign of the entire zodiacal arc.

Sensitive and intuitive, Pisces men behave a little like their sea counterparts: they love to feel underwater, enveloped in the silence and softness of the waters. Reliving these sensations on the surface is possible and you can help them reach this goal: give them a pair of gloves with cashmere or lamb lining. He will be grateful to you forever.

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    Art 953

    Men's fashion gloves.

    Pure aniline-dyed deer glove. Similarities with our Art. 48 may be seen, but these gloves address a more adult and classic target. A best seller on the Swiss market. Definitely one of our signature gloves.

    Lateral vent closed by contrast piping. Hand stitched.

    Available colours: dark brown, bottle green, orange, navy.

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    Art. 269/N Havana

    Waterproof nappa leather ski gloves. Fleece lined. Hipora membrane. Also available with lamb or opossum fur lining.
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    Men's fashion gloves. Main materials: Lambskin leather with soft nappa leather finishing.