How we create your driving gloves

How we create your driving gloves
20 June 2017 Redazione Restelli Guanti
articolo 173

Whenever we need to conceive a new pair of men’s driving gloves our minds are unavoidably taken to 1000Miglia-style races.

In the case of article 173 we were surely happy when we realized that we had fully achieved the goal of creating a deerskin grain leather glove entirely hand-sewn that satisfies even he most demanding pilot.

This glove guarantees an astounding ventilation and features a set of perforated holes on the knuckles along with numerous vent holes on every finger. Fully unlined, this glove features a double wrist strap with an automatic snap. These high performing characteristics are matched with a design and color combinations that make these gloves unique.

Color combinations are double: Black/Red, Cream/Cream, Dark Brown/Blue, Dark Brown/Dark Brown, Dark Brown/Orange, Green/Blue, Havana/Havana, Yellow/Blue

See article 173 here.