The magic of nature: wolves, mountains and gloves

The magic of nature: wolves, mountains and gloves
27 February 2017 Redazione Restelli Guanti
magic nature

Every glove we produce is unique and so is every customer who buys Restelli Gloves.

Gloves follow us through our days, evenings, skiing days and mountain hikes. Every time you send us your pictures we feel blessed with emotions. Knowing that you live extraordinary moments fills us with joy and motivates us furthermore to make our gloves more beautiful and efficient.

This is something Mr Antonello know very well; yesterday he sent us a couple of pictures of his extraordinary weekend on the Alps; it’s when you start your alpine day early in the morning that you can live the most special time nature can give us.  This picture showing a wolf’s paw encompasses the essence that has inspired our company for almost a century: cold mornings, snow, a forest and the wilderness. A silence that gently speaks and illustrates the marvel of the world.

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