Our mittens: the emblem of our brand

Our mittens: the emblem of our brand
15 November 2019 Redazione Restelli Guanti

Mittens are gloves enclosing the four fingers together and the thumb separately. This special glove has always been a signature creation of our brand and many colors and variations have been created. 

One’s resistance to low temperature is very subjective: that cold hands feeling may compromise a day on the slopes and may diminish the time we are willing to spend skiing. 

Customers who experience this issue can rest assured that our mittens will solve this problem and that their hands will always feel warm. 

Keeping the four fingers together our mittens help those who wear them to feel an immediate sensation of warmth by reducing heat dispersion. Our linings and the materials we employ are studied and tested to guarantee comfort and heat: water repellent nappa leather and fur lining make article 270 the perfect solution to fight any atmospheric agent along with a fantastic comforting feeling. Article 375 aims to provide elegance lovers with a solution that features opossum fur on the back of hand along with lamb skin linings. 

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