Preparations for the new season

Preparations for the new season
15 July 2019 Redazione Restelli Guanti

Days in July are always hectic: orders flow in in, gloves need to be produced, boxes need to be shipped around the world. One could think that a company like ours might just go thourgh tranquil and placid days during the summer but it is not so at all.

We never get bored, not even during the summer, which is a very important moment for our production. In our offices and production halls the flow of time is marked by some very special moments: one of these is when our colourful leathers flow in at our offices. We love stacking them all in a room and watch the in the sunlight. It is a moment that has been repeating for decades and looking at that kaleidoscope of colours is full of magic.

Today, when I walk by them I enjoy looking at those colourful combinations and smile as I think of my family, the tradition that has connoted the Restelli brand and the responsibility that I bear while running a company whose brand is almost 100 years old and a synonym for elegance and luxury. It is a lovely feeling.


Raffaella Restelli