Present for her – Gemini

The perfect gift for Gemini women

Very busy, sometimes Gemini women are so absorbed in their thoughts that they sometimes delegate everything else to one of the two souls that live in them. Able to speak to anyone, you will recognize them at parties because they move among the guests like butterflies among flowers. 

Neighbors for the Gemini woman are like honey: essential to carry out their projects. Born on the first warm days of the year, they love mid-seasons and everything that represents change, movement and energy. You might want to give them a pair of gloves that reflects their strong character and desire to appear.

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    Art. Carlotta

    Two-tone scooter and driving gloves for women. Main material: water repellent nappa.

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    Art. 85

    Women’s dress gloves. Main material: pure aniline deerskin with rex fur wrists. Hand sewn. Machine stitched central chords. Tassels are inserted among each finger. Available in nubuck. 100% cashmere lined. Very exclusive. Sporty and luscious. Lining available in rex fur or angora wool. 100% Made in Italy. A very warm and elegant best seller; the choice of our most demanding customers. Wrist length: 3 1/2”
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    Art. 270c Orange

    Deerskin leather mittens; opossum fur lined.