Present for her – Taurus

The perfect gift for Taurus women

With ambassadors such as Adele and Penelope Cruz, Taurus women know they are sensual, determined and always able to get what they want. In their ideal world they would spend the day in a tub full of almond milk; in the real world they are constantly looking for a return on their investments; every effort they make must therefore be matched by a counterpart. They are not in a hurry: when they conceive a plan they know that reaching the goal may take years, but they certainly do not make it a problem.

Taurus women love luxury, inlays, baroque and pompous colors. You may take note now that you have decided to give them a pair of gloves.

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  • Quickview

    Art. 202

    Women’s dress gloves. Main material: 100% nappa leather; lateral slits. Nappa leather finishing. Three leather-threaded chords are featured on back of hand. An elastic is featured near the wrist for better, tighter fit and wearability. Wrist length: 3”. 100% cashmere lined. Colors: black, blue and cherry. The double slit on both sides makes these gloves new and contemporary. 100% Made in Italy. Dedicated to women who have a thing for details and love high quality craftsmanship.
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    Art. 270 Fuchsia

    Nappa leather mittens; opossum lining.
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    Art. 100

    Women’s fashion glove. Back of hand: intertwined leather and metallic chain.