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  • Jun082020
    Summer skiing

    The summer skiing season begins!

    Skiing lovers, it is time to hit the slopes again! It was recently confirmed that starting June 13 the Passo…

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  • Feb112019

    Enjoy the slopes, Laura!

    Our followers know very well how much we love the mountains. Ours is a community of people who are passionate about snow, forests, cold winter days, peaks and slopes.

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  • Feb052016

    Happy birthday Scuola di Sci del Cervino!

    Cervinia is celebrating a special moment for the Italian Alps: it was January 1936 when the alpine city located at…

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  • Feb012016

    Celebrating the White Dame and Cervinia

    On February 5 Cervinia celebrates a yearly appointment with its historical carnival; according to the legend the White Dame, an…

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  • Jan282016

    The best day

    We are always so busy studying fashion trends, creating our new collections, making sure that our dealers are satisfied with…

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