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  • Aug082019

    Happy Holidays!

    Here we go. Last week was hectic; we were busy sending our parcels to our retailers all over the world.…

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  • Nov282017
    ski season

    Ski season is here!

    Ski season is here! Many mountain resorts are already up and running; considering the scarcity of snow we have experienced…

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  • Mar072017
    Mittens fos ski lovers

    We love skiing with our mittens

    We love skiing, we love our ski mittens. Ski lovers know it: up on the mountains the best days  start…

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  • Feb272017
    magic nature

    The magic of nature: wolves, mountains and gloves

    Every glove we produce is unique and so is every customer who buys Restelli Gloves. Gloves follow us through our…

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  • Dec202016

    Gloves that are meant to last over the years

    It’s the time of the year when our most loyal customers pay us a visit either at our laboratory or…

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  • Mar022016

    Crazy for mittens

    So far the winter has been a bit odd for sure. Our mountains in Italy were coated with lots of…

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