Our winter

Our winter
19 April 2018 Redazione Restelli Guanti

Dear all, 

the winter that just ended was filled with important moments; it was a season of hard work that yielded many satisfactions.This post aims to celebrate this past season while we are preparing for the new one. 



A winter without snow cannot possibly be called winter.

You all know that every member of our family is a winter sports-addicted human and we can finally say that last winter was one of the best ones in years in terms of snowfalls. It was just great to be able to go skiing all the way through our Easter holidays and enjoy snow capped mountains and perfect conditions on the slopes. Artificial snow was hardly ever necessary over the 17/18 winter and that was great. We ended up skiing over four months in a row every time we had a chance!


Our friends: David, Edy and Nicholas

Some of our friends definitely managed to ski a lot more than we could and it is quite possible that they are somewhere skiing even now that we are writing this. We are talking about our friends David Schnell, Edy Isabellon and Nicholas Borghi. 

David spent his wintry busy days on the slopes in Europe while also managing heliski adventures around the world. We have been told that he is already working on his January 2019 heliski week which will take place in Canada. 

To us, Edy Isabellon is the king of the Mattherhorn: as a certified ski instructor he teaches people to ski and to love the mountains. Throughout the winter Edy continuously sent us breathtaking pictures which we made available to you all via our social media profiles and enjoyed admiring.       

Our group of fiends also includes Nicholas Borghi whom you surely met on the slopes if you skied around Courmayeur and near Pointe Helbronner. We had great nights with him at the Cafè des Guides; memories that will be kept as gold. Nicholas deserves a special mention and a praise for being able to get back on the slopes after a knee surgery which had forced his to quit skiing in March 2017. 


Our Via Bagutta Temporary Shop

September 1st 2017 was the day our winter season started.


Milan was still wrapped into a summery atmosphere and hot weather when we opened up our Via Bagutta Temporary Shop which kept its doors open until March 31st, 2018. Seven months of hard work, seven months of amazing satisfactions. Many of you turned up and it was a great pleasure to welcome multitudes of customers whom we had already met before. It’s always a great feeling to welcome back a happy customer. 


Our days at Pitti Uomo 

Was being busy managing the office, the production and our Temporary shop enough for us? No, it wasn’t! This is why we decided to complicate our lives a little bit more by exposing our new collection at Pitti Uomo in Florence in January. At night we were so tired that a we ended up having dinner at our hotel every night, but it was during the day we invested all our energies and managed to sit down with old friends and make new exciting acquaintances. 


Our new collection


To us, winter also means collections. As far as our 2017/2018 collection we must say we are very happy about how things went: you praised our efforts which were meant to provide you with more and more performing gloves without overlooking elegance, comfort and warmth. We know we shall continue to head in this direction by innovating and changing while preserving the quality our brand has gotten you used to since 1920, the year of its foundation.

Yours faithfully, 


Raffaella Restelli