• Gloves with endurance and resistance: article 350

    April is the perfect month to hit the slopes before the warm season. The fresh snow that is blanketing the Alps in these days makes us hope it will stay on the slopes until the Easter break. 

    Using state of the art equipment makes a day on the snow special: when it comes to gloves you know that ours are the best possible choice. For those who put their equipment under stress have created article 350: these gloves are made of waterproof nappa leather and they are the perfect solution to stand the cold weather and spring snow conditions. A reinforcement on palms increases resistance and duration; their fleece lining is the ideal choice for end-of-season weather conditions.   

    Discover article 350 here

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  • Our 100th birthday is approaching

    Our company was born in 1920 and it will soon celebrate its 100th year; we are very proud to be able to say that three generations of our family have been producing gloves in Milan with the same love that sparkled almost a century ago.

    The production of our gloves is mastered by a team of skilled artisans that over the years has been able to transfer knowledge and has been constantly pursuing technical innovation.
    Our philosophy is a mix of tradition and innovation which go side by side in a continuously changing world.

    By observing our creations one can detect the signature style our the Restelli brand: the high quality of leathers, a tireless attention to details and our products’ distinctive craftsmanship bear witness of a dream come true that enables us to spread Italian excellence in the world.
    Discover our collections here.

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  • Article 52: the contemporary gentleman’s gloves

    Article 52 is a special glove that satisfies the gentleman looking fo elegance, grip and resistance. These men’s fashion gloves are made of deerskin and feature saddle stitched chords.

    The Angora will lining adds to comfort and keeps hands warm. 

    When we created these gloves and had to select the set of available colors we decided to set our imagination free and we were happy we did ithat because our public praised our choices: Gold, Green, Blue and Mud. 

    Discover article 52 here 


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  • Article 239: warm and resistant 

    Camouflage is a lifestyle and it can be when you are skiing,too. 

    We wanted to give a technological answer to skiers and here it is. 

    The lady is wearing our article 239, a glove we are very proud of.

    We wanted to create a pair of gloves that would endure the stress caused by ski poles and ski blades and this is why the palm features reinforced nappa leather that grants resistance. The back of the hand features a 100% water-resistant camouflage fabric.  

    Article 239 is warm and soft; its Primaloft lining along with the Hypora membrane insertion along with a web of bands near the wrist will keep your hands warm and dry. 

    Discover article 239 here


    Photo credits: dsp.   I
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  • Memories of our days at Pitti 2019

    Our friendship with Giorgio Giangiulio the Style Story Teller is growing over the years; once again last February we had a chance to meet and sit together for a while during the Pitti 2019 fair. 

    The winter days were chilly and sunny; the perfect weather for Giorgio to wear our article 55, a glove which distinguishes those men who want to stand out. Article 55 is characterized by the presence of many details which make it really unique. 

    The slit on the back of the hand along with the leather coated clip button, its suede palm and nappa leather palm make article 55 the choice of our most demanding customers, endorsed by a real connoisseur like Giorgio Giangiulio.     

    Discover article 55 here

    Photo: @fabriziodipaoloph

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  • Hello From Moscow!

    Siamo a Mosca dallo scorso sabato e ci siamo innamorati di questa città.

    Abbiamo avuto modo di visitare la Piazza Rossa e alcune zone monumentali che ci sono piaciute moltissimo. 

    Dalle immagini potete capire quanto freddo faceva! Le nostre mani sono al caldo grazie ai nostri guanti! Ieri però abbiamo anche completato l’allestimento dello stand.

    Vi aspettiamo al CPM Moscow 2019 allo stand D11

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  • We are going to CPM Collection Première Moscow!

    доброе утро! Good morning! Buongiorno! 

    Today we are packing up our suitcases as we are getting ready for an new adventure: starting Feb 25 we shall showcase our collections at CPM Moscow the clothes and accessories exhibition held yearly in Russia. 

    Today the temperature in Moscow dropped to -9C and it is snowing but the cold weather surely does not impress us: we are equipped with our warm gloves to weather the storm!

    For those of you in Moscow we look forward to your visit! Please come see us at Booth D11

    See you in Moscow! 

    увидимся в москве!

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  • Enjoy the slopes, Laura!

    Our followers know very well how much we love the mountains. Ours is a community of people who are passionate about snow, forests, cold winter days, peaks and slopes.

    We love getting up early in the morning, put on our skiing suit along with our skis and gloves to enjoy an exciting day on the snow.

    We also love receiving your feedback because every time we get your pictures we thrive.

    Today we want to thank Laura Fossali from for sending us the picture of her gloves that we expressly customized for her. There is also a fantastic picture of the Matterhorn we are totally crazy about.

    Visit our ski collection simply by clicking here

    Enjoy the slopes, Laura!

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  • Article 8: the perfect alley for driving, too

    The second half of the winter is the time when we start testing the gloves we have created and worked on during the previous season. As you know we never stop testing new types of leather and artisanal techniques.

    Last weekend we eventually drove to Champoluc in the Aosta Valley to test some of our brand new gloves. This is article 8 and it’s entirely made with lamb leather. Their 8” wrist length enables one to wear them up to the elbow for a comfortable and warm feeling which adds to elegance. We also tested article 8 while driving and it proved to be a very loyal accessory. 


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  • Our Temporary shop is coming back next autumn

    On January 31st our Temporary Shop will close. 

    Over the past few months we have been very busy and the opening of our Via Manzoni 19 Temporary Shop surely represented a demanding activity which made us proud and full of satisfactions. 

    So many of you visited us and we want to thank you for this: new and old friends, simple visitors who were curious to discover our products.  We are happy we were able to showcase our collection and satisfy your needs. 

    Vorrei dedicare un particolare messaggio di ringraziamento a voi clienti stranieri, ringraziandovi per la visita e ricordandovi che dove non sempre abbiamo un rivenditore disponiamo un rapido ed efficiente servizio di vendita on line! E se non trovate quello che state cercando nello shop potete sempre richiederlo via email scrivendo a

    I would like to dedicate a special part of this message to our foreign customers; I want to thank you for visiting and I would like to remind you that if you are in an area far from our authorized dealers we can help you with a quick and efficient online sale service! And if what you are looking for is not featured on our shop you can ask for it by emailing us at

    We will help you out with your queries! We are happy you had a chance to discover our product and take an example of Milanese excellence to your home.

    We want to say goodbye with a promise: we shall return next autumn with many surprises to start 2020 with a spark: it will be the year that marks our 100th birthday. We cannot anticipate much yet, but we primes we shall return to you with great style. Meanwhile we surely are not going to stop and rest. We are packing up our collections for a new adventure: in February we will go to Russia to showcase our collections at CPM Moscow . Russian winter days will be the perfect framework to introduce our new collections.    

    See you soon!

    Raffaella Restelli

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