2017-2018 collection preview at Tranoï

2017-2018 collection preview at Tranoï
23 February 2017 Redazione Restelli Guanti
Tranoi 2017/2018 collection

Tranoï Femme will be the site where our new 2017-2018 collection will be premiered. Let’s find out how it originated.

Audacity and disruption along with authenticity and heritage are Raffaella Restelli’s 2017 mantras.  The new collection aims at introducing new and unusual elements which are represented by water repellent printed fabrics; colours and fun had to be matched with our creativity and passion for details, but we needed an inspiration.

Everything started after buying a Renaissance serigraphy at a flea market in France. That was a turning point that gave birth to many new ideas now embodied into these new and glamorous gloves.

We also thought that camouflage had to become one of our feature to empower urban moped riders and mountain free riders with strong, warm and resistant gloves as they dash in the urban jungle or freezing powder. Our Woman is elegant and sophisticated but in the mean time very simple; a real Lady playing with strong colours like cherrie or neutral new mud color called sepia…In the evening she’ll wear embroidered baroque gloves with tassels. Great attention is paid to luxury matches like suede leather and fur and many more. Come visit us in Paris March 3-6 at Tranoï, Palais de la Bourse, booth n° F11 ground floor (RDC)