Evening gloves: article 71

Evening gloves: article 71
6 April 2017 Redazione Restelli Guanti
Evening gloves

Evening gloves are surely one of the most sophisticated accessories a woman can wear. And they are an element that adds fascination, mistery and enhance one’s attire and elegance.

At Restelli Gloves we know that well and we have always created evening gloves with the love and passion that connote us. When we began to envision article 71 we decided to search our archives to get inspired, obtain confirmations and fully harness our artisanal tradition.

The resulting effort was the creation of a nappa leather evening glove. The hand-woven mousquetaire openings/fastenings adds comfort, endurance, and softness. An 8-inch wrist length glove, article 71 is silk-lined and embellished with leather fringes.

Rigorously black, higlhy fashionable and elegantly amusing, article 71 may be worn for any occasion no matter at what time of day or night it happens.

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