Kate Middleton photographed wearing Restelli Gloves

Kate Middleton photographed wearing Restelli Gloves
8 March 2016 Redazione Restelli Guanti
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The present week has been hectic to say a little. The four Tranoï days in Paris were exciting and gave us the confirmation we worked so hard for: our new collection was warmly welcome and praised by every single buyer we have met. Introducing a new collection is like having an exam at school: difficult and exhausting!

We were dismantling our Tranoï booth when we began getting a lot of text messages and emails in from our customers showing the royal family having their skiing holiday over the French Alps. To our surprise, we immediately noticed that Kate Middleton was wearing our mittens.

We felt happy, satisfied and proud: the best reward to our commitment that tells us the direction we are going is the right one.