Present for her – Scorpio

The perfect gift for Scorpio women

Mysterious and enigmatic just like the time of year in which they are born, characterized by rains and ever shorter days. The Scorpio woman loves autumn and is not afraid when the cold season approaches. It is up to you to find the right gift for her, it is up to us to recommend you the most suitable gloves for women of this sign. Empathic and deep, Scorpio women love to plan  projects, are passionate and tenacious, and constantly need to be around others. 

The perfect gift for them is therefore a pair of practical and elegant gloves that at the same time must release charm and passion.

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    Art. 19

    Women’s dress gloves. The back of hand is made of suede leather. The palm features nappa leather. Our full letter logo is featured. Wrist length: 2”.
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    Art. Tronchetto

    Mutton with soft finishing. Fingerless model. Hand sewn with refolded fur in correspondence of fingers and wrists. Open thumb. On the back of hand a contrast nappa leather hand punctured strap is featured.
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    Art. 970

    Women’s dress gloves. Main material: nappa leather with suede leather details and a small lateral slit. Secured with a pleat seamed with a suede leather finishing. Wrist length: 1 ¾”.