• Apr242019

    Online Shop: our driving gloves section

    Our online shop is continuously updated with new products and sections.  Visit  our driving gloves section: those of you who…

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  • Mar182019

    Our 100th birthday is approaching

    Our company was born in 1920 and it will soon celebrate its 100th year; we are very proud to be…

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  • Mar112019

    Article 52: the contemporary gentleman’s gloves

    Article 52 is a special glove that satisfies the gentleman looking fo elegance, grip and resistance. These men’s fashion gloves…

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  • Mar062019

    Article 239: warm and resistant 

    Camouflage is a lifestyle and it can be when you are skiing,too.  We wanted to give a technological answer to…

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  • Feb262019

    Memories of our days at Pitti 2019

    Our friendship with Giorgio Giangiulio the Style Story Teller is growing over the years; once again last February we had a chance to meet and sit together for a while during the Pitti 2019 fair.

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  • Feb252019

    Hello From Moscow!

    We have been in Moscow since last Saturday and we are in love with this city.
    We had a chance to visit the Red Square and some of the cote’s monuments which we enjoyed a lot.

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  • Feb222019

    We are going to CPM Collection Première Moscow!

    доброе утро! Good morning! Buongiorno!  Today we are packing up our suitcases as we are getting ready for an new…

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  • Feb112019

    Enjoy the slopes, Laura!

    Our followers know very well how much we love the mountains. Ours is a community of people who are passionate about snow, forests, cold winter days, peaks and slopes.

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  • Feb062019

    Article 8: the perfect alley for driving, too

    The second half of the winter is the time when we start testing the gloves we have created and worked…

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  • Jan282019

    Our Temporary shop is coming back next autumn

    On January 31st our Temporary Shop will close.  Over the past few months we have been very busy and the…

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  • Jan222019

    Article 48F: distinguished elegance

    Elegance as a distinctive characteristic. This is what we had in mind when we created article 48F; in order to…

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  • Jan172019

    Article 55. Your winter glove

    Article 55 features an extraordinary combination of different types of leather that make this glove a special one. The back…

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  • Jan142019

    Our days at Pitti: 2019 edition

    Once again we were back in Florence to showcase our new collection at Pitti. We are excited and tired but…

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  • Dec122018

    Where you can buy our gloves

    Christmas is coming up! It’s time to get all the presents you want to see underneath the Christmas tree. If you ask what we think the best Christmas present is we have the right answer: a pair of Restelli Gloves.

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  • Dec062018

    Giorgio Giangiulio, the Style story teller

    Milano Fashion Week and Pitti Immagine are just two moments of the year when we meet: our friendship with Giorgio Giangiulio, The Style Storyteller started several years ago and becomes stronger every day.

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