• Nov142018

    Our online shop awaits you

    Our online shop awaits you This post is dedicate to our Italian and foreign customers who do not happen to…

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  • Nov122018

    Elegant and comfortable gloves: article 50

    When we create a new glove elegance is a must and so is wearability. These are the building blocks we…

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  • Nov102018

    Fight wintry temperatures with article 250

    Low temperatures are winter’s number one enemy. At Restelli Gloves we know this well; over the years we have studied…

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  • Nov022018
    temporary shop 2018

    Our Temporary Shop is open

    To us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s when our Temporary Shop opens up downtown Milano. This…

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  • Oct262018
    collection 2019

    Our 2019 Womens’ Collection

    Every year we like to share what inspired us when creating our new collections. When we started drawing this winter’s…

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  • Oct162018

    Customers’ pictures are our delight!

    Customers’ pictures are our delight! You already know it and we say this all the time: we are extremely happy and…

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  • Oct082018

    Labels matter

    Labels tell a lot about us. To us, the quality of our materials is crucial. This is the reason why…

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  • Oct022018

    October is here: stay warm!

    The advent of October is the time when the cold weather rolls in and snow begins to cover the top…

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  • Sep182018
    via manzoni temporary shop

    Our Via Manzoni Temporary Shop is coming!

    Our Temporary Shop is taking shape and we can finally announce that come November we will open it on Via…

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  • Sep072018

    The cold season is approaching: it is time for our Temporary Shop!

    Our summers are moments during which we take time to slow our pace and recharge our batteries put to the…

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  • Jun192018
    pitti 2018

    Pitti’s call

    Pitti’s call is a call you cannot resist so last week we packed up and went back to Florence for…

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  • Jun072018

    Safety, speed, precision. One day with style storyteller Giorgio Giangiulio

    Safety, speed and precision. Should one choose three words to sum up a day spent riding a motorbike with style storyteller Giorgio Giangiulio.

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  • May312018
    driving gloves

    Driving gloves: super classic and women’s models

    Restelli Gloves has created a whole line of driving gloves whose aim is to make driving safer, more comfortable and impeccable.

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  • May152018
    summer skiing

    Summer skiing

    Summer skiing? Italy is lucky: the country offers the possibility to ski all year round with the exception of a…

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  • Apr192018

    Our winter

    Dear all,  the winter that just ended was filled with important moments; it was a season of hard work that…

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