How is a glove made?

How is a glove made?
16 July 2020 Redazione Restelli Guanti

Our productions processes are the result of 100 years of passion, improvements and refinements. Three generations of our family have been working on it since 1920 with the aim to make your gloves more beautiful, elegant, comfortable, durable and innovative. Today we want help you to discover how gloves are born and to do that we have chosen article 182, one of the most iconic and revisited gloves in history.

Article 182 derives its style from a classic hunting glove! On the palm of the index finger there is a zip opening which, once opened, enabled hunters to pull the trigger. Two velcro supports would hold the opened glove on the side of the hand.



Let’s now see how the new article 182 is made.

Here the leather has been cut and processed on a bench; such activities can only be made by experienced craftsmen. At this point gloves are still only a trunk. There are no thumbs and no fingers but the glove’s soul is already revealing. It’s called richness: that richness that will enable the glove to stretch and be easy to wear. Gloves cannot be labelled as handmade unless they come from a richness.

This procedure precedes trunk cuts and iron calibers which provide gloves with fingers, thumbs, chords and all the necessary finishings.

It is now time to retrieve all the elements that are necessary to produce a pair of gloves and coordinate their color. Thumbs and every other element will have the same colour scheme. Once the elements are all tied together can sewing operations begin.

This is when article 182 begins to take its final appearance!

Tassels are sewn among fingers with the purpose to increase wearability; this is a feature often overlooked by many producers. On the side two strips are sewn making these gloves more sporty and comfortable. As a pair of gloves like these is supposed to protect from cold weather it has to be lined and ribbed wool cuffs are added.

Above the wrist a strip of leather is added as a reinforcement in order to guarantee durability and hold when the glove is worn. This makes wool cuffs a lot more resistant. Once quality checks are completed  our article 182 gloves are ready to be dispatched to our resellers around the world.