Introducing Assia

Introducing Assia
20 April 2023 Restelli
In Collection, The Look

Designed for those seeking a pair of elegant and high-quality gloves, the “Assia” model has become one of the best-sellers in our collection. These monochrome gloves made of waterproof nappa leather are perfect for women who love contemporary style, luxury, elegance, and practicality.

Completely unlined, these gloves are perfect for every occasion of urban life. Whether riding a scooter or going to work, the Assia gloves fit perfectly with an “urban” lifestyle. Saddle stitching gives them exceptional durability and a slim fit.

But it’s not just style that matters. The “Assia” gloves are also super weather-resistant. The waterproof nappa leather they are made of makes them resistant to rain, even the most persistent. Once worn, they feel soft and comfortable, while the practical clip closure ensures a secure fit.

The complexity of the artisanal work required to make these gloves takes time and attention to detail, making them a high-quality and stylish choice. The model is available in various elegant colors, including optical white, turquoise, blue, fuchsia, havana, and orange. Those looking for a pair of gloves to complete an elegant outfit or simply for a casual look will find the “Assia” gloves to be the right choice.