Let us introduce ouserlves

Let us introduce ouserlves
17 September 2023 Restelli
In Collection, The Look

Since 1920 Restelli has been producing gloves with the same passion and artisanal approach to details of its origins. Our family business was born in Milan’s city center Corso Sempione laboratory, where today we still produce our gloves and ship them around the world to supply retail shops and please customers around the planet.
Quality and luxury are the pillars our family has clung to over the years.
Our 100% milanese brand is specialized in the production of luxury gloves for men and women.
The collections include a wide range of models that have been created for any occasion: leisure, driving and skiing.
Elegant and sophisticated, our gloves are made exclusively with fine raw materials and a manic attention for details.
Behind great stories there is always love and passion.

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