Live the experience: visit our flagship store

Live the experience: visit our flagship store
22 February 2023 Restelli
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Restelli Flagship store

Since 1920, the artisanal production of high-quality gloves has been a distinctive feature of the Restelli brand. Today, you can experience our creations firsthand at our flagship store located at Via Sant’Andrea 17 in Milan.

We are a historic company that has distinguished itself for its artisanal expertise in glove craftsmanship, using fine leathers and traditional techniques. We have a long-standing tradition in the industry, and many famous figures in the world of fashion and entertainment choose our gloves.

The Restelli flagship store is a reference point for lovers of high-quality craftsmanship. Here, you can admire a wide selection of elegant gloves for men, women, skiing, and driving. Made with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, our gloves come in many shapes and colors.

The store staff is highly qualified and able to advise customers in choosing the glove that best suits their needs, ensuring a personalized and high-quality shopping experience.

A true paradise for those seeking luxury and high-end products.