Our Flagship Store is closed

Our Flagship Store is closed
2 January 2024 Restelli
In temporary shop, The Look
Restelli Flagship store

Two years ago, with immense joy, considerable effort, and a lot of passion, we inaugurated our prestigious Flagship Store at 17 via Sant’Andrea in Milan, situated in the renowned fashion district.

Recently, we were informed that the building housing our store will undergo a restructuring. Renovations are customary in this exclusive area of the fashion district, where it’s common to witness the transformation of many prestigious buildings into construction sites that later return to Milan as even more splendid and functional structures.

The renovation work will require a considerable amount of time during which accessing the store would be challenging. This led us to the decision to close the Flagship Store.

Therefore, Flagship Store Restelli ceased its operations last December 31st. This is not a farewell but rather a ‘see you soon’ as we are already seeking a new location.

In the upcoming months, we will inform you about the new location as soon as we have confirmation. Meanwhile, Restelli products remain available through all our authorized retailers, both in Italy and worldwide.

Additionally, you can continue purchasing our gloves via our online shop, which operates 24/7 without interruptions. You will find all our collections for men, women, skiing, and driving as always on the website www.restelliguanti.it.