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  • May292023

    A thank you message

    It is with great joy that I write this post to sincerely thank you for your congratulatory emails we receive…

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  • Apr262023

    Art. Millemiglia: your ideal driving gloves for long journeys

    For an important trip, you need a pair of important gloves! That’s why we stress tested our Millemiglia gloves  to…

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  • Apr172023

    Let us introduce ouserlves

    Since 1920 Restelli has been producing gloves with the same passion and artisanal approach to details of its origins. Our…

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  • Mar302023

    We are working… for you!

    We are proud to be an Italian company that has been producing luxury gloves since 1920. Our artisanal production and…

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  • Mar292023

    Article 350 is the ideal ski glove for spring snow conditions

    The beautiful season is approaching; the snow that you will find on the ski slopes in the coming weeks is…

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  • Feb222023
    Restelli Flagship store

    Live the experience: visit our flagship store

    Since 1920, the artisanal production of high-quality gloves has been a distinctive feature of the Restelli brand. Today, you can…

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  • Jan182023

    Attention to details: our mantra

    We are an Italian glove maker established in 1920 whose goal is to produce the world’s finest leather gloves. Our…

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  • Jan162023

    Time to choose a pair of green gloves

    Colors are an important part of everyday life: they have a significant impact on our perception of the world around…

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  • Dec282022

    Winter has just begun: don’t forget your gloves!

    It’s the perfect time to wear your favorite accessory: to keep your hands warm and at the same time add…

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  • Dec092022

    Restelli: your destination for your Christmas shopping

    Our flagship store on via Sant’Andrea 17 in Milan will remain open every day until December 24th.

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  • Nov182022

    Postcards from Japan’s District United Arrows

    We couldn’t contain our pride when our friends from District United Arrows posted these photos on Instagram from Japan.

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  • Nov152022

    Thank you for your greetings from Chisinau, Marko Tadič!

    Marko Tadič is always on the go: we are very happy as he took time to write us from Chisnau, Moldova’s capital

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  • Oct032022

    Getting behind the wheels is an unforgettable experience with our gloves

    There are many gloves which are perfect for this autumn season: today we want to highlight article 173d.

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  • Sep212022

    Autumn, time to wear gloves

    Summer is over and the weather has made it clear: it’s cold and you need to wear gloves.

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  • Sep012022

    A new season, a renovated flagship store and a brand new collection awaits you!

    “…. For me, the new year always starts in September … so to celebrate this 2022 I invite you to…

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