The gloves of your spring: elegant, practical, luxurious

The gloves of your spring: elegant, practical, luxurious
15 April 2022 Restelli
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Winter is not the only season when you wear gloves! Even in the spring months, wearing gloves can be a necessity to keep your hands warm on cool mornings and evenings. However, gloves aren’t just for keeping your hands warm in the cold. Gloves are an accessory that gives elegance and personality and are particularly useful for those who use open-air means of transport such as scooters, bicycles and e-bikes. They are perfect because they increase your grip on handlebars and give a feeling of safety. The saying “the white glove treatment” explains well that using gloves means treating someone kindly, including yourself. Since 1920 we at Restelli have been serving our customers by making luxury handcrafted gloves.

We are based in Milan with the headquarters in Corso Sempione and a flagship store at Via Sant’Andrea 17: we produce men’s gloves, women’s gloves, ski gloves and driving gloves. For spring our collection features new gloves which can be used for driving but also for city life. We have focused on practicality and resistance of materials without compromising on elegance, the cornerstone of our production. Resistant to all atmospheric agents, our spring gloves are the perfect choice for those who love luxury and quality.

Ideal for weathering cool days of an April like the one we are experiencing, Restelli spring gloves are made of unlined deerskin, water-repellent nappa leather with combinations in water-repellent technical fabrics. The presence of practical visible or concealed clip closures allows you to secure the gloves to the wrists, making it easier to wear them. Spring is always an unpredictable season and you must always be ready to face the elements of nature: it is a great time to buy the most suitable pair of gloves for you. If you are looking for a soft and elegant pair of gloves that stand the test of time, we are sure we have the right solution.

Our hands are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and need to be treated with gloves. It’s always a good idea to have a pair of Restelli gloves handy, even when the weather is nice. Discover our collection of driving and city gloves by clicking here.