The temporary shop

The temporary shop
26 November 2015 Redazione Restelli Guanti
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Trade is changing and so are we! A brand new Restelli Guanti Temporary Shop will open in Milano from Dec. 1st until Jan. 30th. The Temporary shop is located in the very heart of the city: Via Sant’Andrea 17, right next to Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga.
It’s the place where one can discover and rediscover one of Italy’s fashion excellences: Restelli Guanti, Milan’s fine gloves producers since 1920. Colours, samples, matchings: the collection includes a wide range of gloves created for any occasion: leisure, driving and ski gloves. Elegant and luscious, our gloves are crafted with prestigious materials, with a tireless focus on details.
Innovative, enthusiast and at step with “social” times: the shop will also offer moments of digital entertainment: a dedicated corner will enable customers to shoot the best selfies with spectacular snowy landscapes in the background and a Milan’s Duomo backdrop everyone will want to share on their social networks.

Come and visit us!
Via Sant’Andrea 17, Milano