Warmth and elegance: Art. 250

Warmth and elegance: Art. 250
11 March 2024 Restelli
In Collection, The Look

Comfort and style reach their peak with our Art. 250, a pair of exquisite deerskin gloves with a ribbed internal cuff made of incredibly soft cashmere.

The quarter-cut craftsmanship and the presence of elastics above and below the wrist, along with the side slit, provide a snug-fitting experience. The 100% cashmere lining ensures warmth for your hands and a constant feeling of comfort.

Handcrafted three-cord veins and a small central elastic add sophisticated details to these gloves, a timeless classic in our men’s collection.

Further highlighting the details are contrast stitching, with leather edging and hand-inserted threading, adding an additional touch of artisanal elegance.

The 2 1/2-inch wrist length ensures an ideal fit. 100% Made in Italy, for those seeking the utmost in quality and elegance.

Designed, crafted, and sewn for those who seek enveloping warmth and uncompromising comfort in a pair of gloves.”

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