A long History
Established in 1920 in Milan.

It was 1920 when my grandfather and grandmother approached the retail world right next to Milan’s Duomo. There they produced tailored gloves according to wishes and tastes of every single customer. At this time gloves were a symbol of elegance and sophistication, an indispensable accessory to wear in all occasions. Piero Restelli soon understood that his passion, the research of the best and most precious leathers and a deep respect for handcraft production were only the beginning of a long successful journey that would reframe the glove industry.

Made with love

The factory was established with its own tannery, which played a very important role in the skins working process; production started to increase. The History goes on and takes us to the beginning of the 50’s when Piero Restelli Junior and his wife, both young and determined, introduced the Sportswear Collection… soon the peccary glove waterproof lined with warm opossum fur became the Italian “Jet Set Symbol”. Restelli begins to become a world famous brand. Fashion in perpetual evolution, research for the perfect detail, new and always more ”fitting” materials, are a big challenge for a glove which – in order to be perfect – must be crafted as 50 years ago. It is not just a job but an Art. Passion, Emotion and traditional know-how have been the same as those which 100 Years ago prompted our Story, which now continues with the Third Generation. Raffaella Restelli is fully embracing the challenges of a new era where the market and the way of selling have changed deeply by valuing respect of tradition and love for beautiful “Things” that last! “Speaking of my gloves…I would never talk of price but of Value, History Love and Patience which are priceless” she says.

Restelli Guanti. Art, Passion, Tradition and Handcraftmanship Made in Italy.

We are proud to say that we are one of Milan’s oldest fashion firms: our operations began in 1920 and have continued ever since. Today our gloves are produced in the same rooms where the first production line started almost 100 years ago. This is simply beautiful and thrilling and leads us to work with inspiration and pride. We love our gloves: we love creating them, producing them and seeing our customers wear them. It just makes us happy to think that our products are sold everywhere in the world.

Every glove is the result of an elaborated process which consists of several stages: it starts with the selection of materials and stretches to the refining of every single details on the finished product. Intermediate stages include the choice of colors and accurate crafts. A process that takes time and requests a strong commitment and a lot of passion upon our artisans.

To us, details are not just simple amenities, they are our trademark. They are our unmistakeable signature trait of our Made in Italy artisanship. Every product is the complex result of a finely hand-crafted manufacturing and is thus different from any other. These small details make every pair of gloves we produce stand out as unique and inimitable design object.