The sentimental value of a work tool we have used for 80 years

Since its foundation in 1920 many things have changed at our company, but some small details are still the same: they witness our legacy, our family and everyone who worked here. The work tool we are most emotionally attached to is a punching hammer we have used for more than 80 years. It is some sort of a baton which was passed from my grandparents into my parents’ hands who, on turn, passed it to me. 

I am sure you are now wondering what it is and which use you can make of it: in few words, it is a hammer with a wooden handle and an iron head with a set of spikes which form an “R” as in Restelli. It is employed to punch our crust leathers before dispatching them to leather dyeing service suppliers.  Punching the edge of crust leathers is an indelible mark and a proof of property which avoids erroneous replacements as materials undergo treatments.  

I’ve seen that hammer sitting on mountains of crust leather since I was a kid; many times I asked if I could use it… I would be told to ‘Go to the office upstairs and stay with grandma!’ for they were busy working there!  This is exactly what my son was told yesterday when he saw the hammer and asked if he could use it; that was something that made me smile and recollect many emotions. 

The hammer’s harsh sound is unmistakable and rhythmic; it’s been with me for ever and reminds me of my grandmother and all the work we do today. It might sound just like a process, but taking that hammer in our hands always strikes a chord and makes us think of those who have used it before us along with their legacy: creating, producing top quality luxury gloves with relentless attention to details. With love and passion.  

Raffaella Restelli