Happy Easter from Raffaella Restelli

Happy Easter from Raffaella Restelli
9 April 2020 Redazione Restelli Guanti

Dear Friends and Customers,

In my Easter greetings to you I want to thank you for the many messages I have received via Facebook, Instagram and email.

We wish to inform you that we are all doing well.

On February 15 we closed our Temporary Shop in Milano; we worked hard day and night to get our production started in order to fulfill the orders we had received at Pitti Uomo. Difficult days came along; while we were fearing for our safety, we realized that activities were piling up and we were struggling with production and orders. I lived days of great uncertainty when the day of the final halt eventually came.

In the following days our production plant and its machines went silent and it was surreal… I was afraid.

It’s when I decided to live this moment as an opportunity to set things up in order to be ready to start again when conditions will allow it.

Our Milan’s Corso Sempione premises are closed.

Thanks to digital technologies we proved ourselves capable to ensure business continuity of some activities: our Marketing office, our Financial office, and the communication office are working full mast. All their relevant people are working from home.

These days are not easy, but we believe that we shall overcome and all of us will be able to discover new energies when we eventually go back to a new world.

We at Restelli Guanti are looking ahead and, with the limits imposed but the situation, continue to operate and work with the hope that soon we shall fully resume our activities, restart our production, set up our new Temporary Shop and celebrate our company’s 100th birthday.

We patiently look forward to resuming what we love most: make gloves, distribute them around the world and share your pictures on our social media platforms in order to let everyone know how much you enjoy life.

We continue to work because we want to come back to you with our gloves, you loyal allies of your life’s special moments while in the city, driving your cars and skiing on the slopes.


Happy Easter,


Raffaella Restelli