September 2020; let the new season begin!

September 2020; let the new season begin!
1 September 2020 Redazione Restelli Guanti
In The Look

September is a special month: it’s when students start a new school year and it is the time when we officially enter the new season. This one coming is  really special for us.

With a strong and deep desire to start anew, although year 2020 will be remembered for being awkward things did not stop us from celebrating the company’s 100th birthday; yes, we have been producing artisanal gloves since 1920 in Milano. We are ready to officially launch the new collection!

We pride in telling our story through what connotes us most: our love for luxury, higher quality of our raw matters, constant research, and a manic attention to details.

The story and successfulness of our brand are determined by our ability to stick to traditional know how and to select the finest leathers such as peccary and deerskin.

Every product is the result of an elaborated process consisting of several steps: the selection of materials, colors along with manual working and finishing.

A process which stretches over time and requests great passion from our artisans. We are going to keep up our work the way previous generations in the family have taught us.  Proudly.