The elegance of white

The elegance of white
19 February 2024 Restelli
In Collection, The Look

Many of you appreciate a white look; refined, sophisticated, and extraordinarily elegant. That’s why we’ve created our 269/NO white gloves: a pair of unisex ski gloves available in all sizes for both him and her.

Crafted from fine nappa leather, they feature meticulous saddle stitching. The applied logo has been adorned with intricate embroidery. The inner lining, made from soft opossum fur, provides hands with a cocoon of comfort – it’s impossible to have cold hands when wearing these gloves.

To ensure optimal fit, wrist elastics guarantee a secure and comfortable grip, while the branded side zipper adds a touch of contemporary style. The wrist length measures 3 inches, offering additional protection and distinctive style.

Designed for female and male skiers who refuse to compromise on comfort, these gloves epitomize the excellence of Italian craftsmanship, delivering top-tier performance. Like every pair in our collection, each detail is handled with utmost precision and proudly crafted 100% Made in Italy.