The Restelli Driving Gloves Collection

The Restelli Driving Gloves Collection
23 February 2024 Restelli
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Our driving gloves collection is made of deer leather and hand-crocheted items, including highly durable nappa leather gloves. We produce gloves with long or short fingers, featuring crochet or entirely made of leather. Created and stitched by the skilled hands of our craftsmen and craftswomen, Restelli driving gloves represent the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

Our customers mainly purchase them for driving vintage cars or during significant automotive events. Sometimes, they also match them with the seats of a new car. Our female customers, in addition to using them for driving, often skillfully pair them with spring accessories like bags and shoes for an elegant and sporty look. They are also frequently bought for cycling. 

Introduced quietly a few years ago, today the driving gloves collection is highly appreciated and increasingly draws the attention of those desiring to give a lasting, personal, and refined gift. The wide range of colors available is a strength of this collection, allowing everyone to find their desired color and color combinations.

The weight and suppleness of deer leather make it comfortable yet durable, offering a luxurious feel. The unmistakable texture and opulence of nappa leather are sought after by our Italian and international retailers.

The new golden button engraved with our brand name makes them an exclusive accessory. The elastic wrist, when present, ensures a perfect and never too tight fit. The tiny perforations along the fingers and larger ones at the knuckles provide freshness and comfort.

Using gloves while driving becomes a pleasure that comes with numerous advantages.

Wearing driving gloves at the wheel provides greater comfort during driving. The feeling of the material on the skin is pleasant, giving a sense of well-being. Adapting well to the shape of the hands, the gloves offer better tactile sensitivity compared to bare hands.

The use of gloves also helps to protect the car’s steering wheel. The soft and durable leather can prevent wear and the formation of marks on the wheel, thus contributing to keeping it in good condition over time.

Lastly, as you readers are well aware, driving gloves add a touch of style and elegance to the driver’s look; the surface of the gloves can improve grip on the steering wheel, a particularly useful aspect in challenging driving situations or adverse weather conditions.

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