“Inspiration comes of working every day”. Charles Baudelaire

“Inspiration comes of working every day”. Charles Baudelaire
28 September 2021 Restelli
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It’s true: we really love spending weekends with the family in total serenity and relaxation. A hop on the mountains, a trip to the sea, an afternoon at the lake. The tourist opportunities offered to those who live in Milan are many. Last weekend came after a week that went by way too quickly and was spent for the most part at Lineapelle, where I was able to discover the new trends in leather.

Full of input and energy I felt the need to stop and recollect all the emotions felt during the week. I needed to sit down and ponder over everything I had learned at the world’s most important fair in my sector.

I laid down an infinite series of samples on the table at home and then, pen and paper in hand, I began to think and take the inspiration coming from those samples.

The serene atmosphere of the house after so many days of endless racing led me to conceive many thoughts and helped melone up with many new ideas that you will soon see. It is really true that inspiration comes from working every day and, I would like to add, from loving your job.
Raffaella Restelli