“Scooter Autumn 2021”, our brand new capsule collection

“Scooter Autumn 2021”, our brand new capsule collection
8 September 2021 Restelli
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Scooter Autumn 2021” is our brand new driving and city gloves capsule both for her and him; when we created it, our goal was to celebrate autumn and satisfy those who love to get on their mopeds safely and with elegance.

We have created 5 gloves perfect for driving a scooter in the urban jungle that are very elegant even when you get off the vehicle and suitable for walking around the city without having to hide them in the moped trunk.

Our Scooter Autumn 2021 capsule was inspired by those who need to wear a practical and comfortable accessory for driving and at the same time a refined and fashionable one; these gloves are designed to face the first cool days of the new season, too.

The colors chosen for the capsule are ideal for those who want to stand out and for those who do not compromise when it comes to elegance: fuchsia, blue, orange, white, and turquoise for her.  Blue, black and white for him. And many, many two-tone options.

Materials are, as always, of the utmost importance: water-repellent nappa leather and unlined deerskin ensure comfort and safety when driving and insulation and resistance to autumn weather; our water-repellent technical fabric ensures resistance to rain, practicality while enhancing the lightness of the glove.

Every detail is studied in detail and makes each glove of this capsule special: thanks to the presence of a coated magnet, concealed closures allow you to secure your gloves to the wrist and satisfy the need for practicality and the need to wear a fashionable accessory and innovative.

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