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  • Nov182022

    Postcards from Japan’s District United Arrows

    We couldn’t contain our pride when our friends from District United Arrows posted these photos on Instagram from Japan.

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  • Jul152022

    Summer, time for elegant gloves!

    In these very hot summer days, a “Think fresh” mantra runs in our offices as we try to think of…

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  • Jun262022
    Article 29 nappa crochet

    Article 29: crochet and nappa leather full fingered driving glove

    Article 29 is part of our “Summer 2017” capsule and is a full fingered driving glove; the back of the…

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  • Sep082021

    “Scooter Autumn 2021”, our brand new capsule collection

    “Scooter Autumn 2021” is our brand new driving and city gloves capsule both for her and him;

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  • Jun152020

    Driving with passion: our 173u gloves

    Driving has to be amusing, and should be a pleasure. Choosing the right pair of driving gloves surely becomes a…

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  • Feb112020

    The End of Season Sale is on: visit our Temporary Shop

    Even if the winter season draws to a close, we do have many surprises for you. The present week has…

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  • Jan302020
    restelli shop on line

    Shop On Line: free shipping to Italy until Feb 7!

    Valentine’s day is approaching. Make sure you purchase your pair of Restelli Gloves on our online shop: Free shipping until February 7th for all Italian destinations.

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  • Nov102018

    Fight wintry temperatures with article 250

    Low temperatures are winter’s number one enemy. At Restelli Gloves we know this well; over the years we have studied…

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  • Jun072018

    Safety, speed, precision. One day with style storyteller Giorgio Giangiulio

    Safety, speed and precision. Should one choose three words to sum up a day spent riding a motorbike with style storyteller Giorgio Giangiulio.

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  • May312018
    driving gloves

    Driving gloves: super classic and women’s models

    Restelli Gloves has created a whole line of driving gloves whose aim is to make driving safer, more comfortable and impeccable.

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  • Dec102017

    Put a pair of Restelli Gloves under the Christmas tree

    Christmas is approaching and we at Restelli Gloves are ready to celebrate it with you and make your Christmas shopping…

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  • Jul172017
    driving gloves capsule

    Introducing the new driving gloves “Summer 2017 edition” capsule

    It’s called “Summer 2017 edition” and it’s our brand new driving gloves capsule that aims to celebrate summer and our…

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  • Jun202017
    articolo 173

    How we create your driving gloves

    Whenever we need to conceive a new pair of men’s driving gloves our minds are unavoidably taken to 1000Miglia-style races.…

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  • Jun122017
    Driving glove

    Driving has never been so beautiful!

    Driving in the summer can and must e a pleasure. This is the reason why we at Restelli Gloves have…

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  • May292017
    Article 100

    Women’s luxury gloves: article 100

    Women’s luxury gloves are a great summer accessory. We have created a special glove that can be worn while driving…

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