Summer, time for elegant gloves!

Summer, time for elegant gloves!
15 July 2022 Restelli
In Collection, The Look

In these very hot summer days, a “Think fresh” mantra runs in our offices as we try to think of things that can refresh our mind and soul.

Our collection has recently been enriched with new elegant gloves aiming to satisfy contemporary women. We know that you are constantly looking for elegant outfits compatible with an “urban” lifestyle; a single day sees you as the protagonist of business appointments, a light lunch with colleagues and an aperitif with friends. Lest forget office hours and scooter trips from one place to another.

As a result, choosing a look suitable for all moments of the day becomes crucial when you want to look good at all times: consider starting with accessories by choosing our two-tone Carlotta gloves.

Soft, light, elegant: entirely unlined and made of water-repellent nappa, these gloves are the ideal solution for your day around the clock; a practical strap with clip closure, the oval on the back of the hand and many tiny holes drilled along the fingers together with larger ones on the knuckles are a guarantee of freshness and comfort.

Available in various colors: optical white / azalea, fuchsia / orange, cream / rawhide, red / brown, mud / blue.

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