What do people say about us on Facebook?

What do people say about us on Facebook?
9 December 2021 Restelli
In The Look

Advertising in the time of social media is a world I don’t know… I entrusted this task to Federico Lazzarovich, a digital commerce consultant who patiently tries to enlighten me on the language of the web every day. After the first “maneuvers” the results are incredible… I would say a lot of traffic..!

I decided to write to all of you to thank you for the trust you have placed in my company for years. With joy I learned (though, I already knew a little) that our gloves are part of many of your lives... they were given by your grandparents to your parents, or they were a gift between your parents when they were still engaged. Many of you have inherited them after decades of use and often ask to have them restored because that glove represents important memories.

I received a photo (thank you !!) of a mountain dresser full of our Gloves, of every color, size and vintage: from the ’70s to the “present day”.

The most recent is still in the bag and has a tag: it is a pair of burgundy deerskin mittens from last year. May it be the right time that we can go back to skiing and for the whole winter!

The funniest and most “important” email is from three youngsters (a girl and two guys) who a few weeks ago bought a pair of peccary leather gloves, a birthday present for a friend who was turning 18. All three were very well informed about the models, on the linings, the inserts, the reinforcements, the colors …

In short, they knew everything but not because they had visited a thousand sites online and compared prices or after going to the shops to do a thousand tests. No, they knew everything because they have always known our gloves: it is part of their culture of their families. They knew the defects and merits of each lining; their mothers have always had them and the email ended like this: “let’s hope he won’t lose them because they are indestructible and you can’t ski without them !!”

I personally thank these new generations who, thanks to their culture, understand and appreciate a product of the highest quality and pass on the love for beautiful things that last over time.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,  

Raffaella Restelli