Elegance is a state of mind: art. 269p gold

Elegance is a state of mind: art. 269p gold
21 October 2022 Restelli
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Elegance is a state of mind. A way of life, a way of being. Even when you go skiing in the mountains. Our ski gloves are designed for those who love to experience winter as protagonists; article 269p gold is surely our distinctive feature and has always been a symbol of our brand.

These gloves are made of water repellent peccary leather, a very resistant, precious and ultra warm material. They are specially designed for those who want to ski all day – last ascent included! – without ever experiencing cold hands.

Once off the skis, these gloves will be the perfect accessory for a walk along the Main Street of your ski resort of choice or a walk in the snow with family and friends.