Elegance and style: our women’s collection articles 32 and 64

Elegance and style: our women’s collection articles 32 and 64
2 October 2017 Redazione Restelli Guanti

As we previously introduced our collections we had a chance to introduce you to our women’s collection; today we would like to provide more details on two creations. We will explore two models that are very different from each other but nevertheless they encapsulate the should of our company. We are constantly doing researches that aim to find the best and most innovative leathers, fabrics, workings and styles so that we can satisfy anyone who loves elegance, details and high quality raw matters.


Article 64 represents an article we are very proud of; it is the result of a long research we made whose goal was to create a very elegant glove that could be worn at any time. The suede leather it is made with and the artisanal stitching make it the perfect glove for elegant evenings, while the cashmere lining adds comfort and warmth at any moment of the day. The presence of embroidered flowers is an intentional recall of baroque, a motive that today fully represents fashion trends. (Photo credits: dsp)

A totally different approach was the origin of article 32; here what we wanted was a solution that would match nocturnal elegance with a rock and roll flavour. This is why we decided to choose leather fringes with nickel stubs; to make it even more special we decided to produce it in black only. We are used at defining it the perfect accessory for a woman who enjoys power dressing.

[cml_media_alt id='17585']article 32 women's[/cml_media_alt]